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We sell worldwide cruises from all cruise lines but we specialise in luxury 4 and 5-star cruises. Between us, staff and directors, we’ve cruised over 250 times. We take pride in calling ourselves 'your personal cruise consultancy'. We wouldn’t send you on any cruise we wouldn’t go on ourselves. As more and more exotic destinations are explored by the ever increasing number of cruise lines, you'll find here a brief overview of one of the most popular cruise locations, the Med.

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Cruise to the Mediterranean

The Med, the many worlds in one.

Cruise the Med once and you risk being hooked. It is the world that shaped our world, the birthplace of our civilisation and many others. A Med cruise is often the first cruise people take. That's where they learn to love cruising. Mediterranean cruises are the most popular of all cruises and it's easy to see why. For a start the Med is not one destination but many. It's not just eastern Med or western Med it's much more than that. It's seas within seas: the Aegean, the Adriatic, the Alboran, the Balearic, the Ionian, the Ligurian, the Tyrrhenian, they're all part of the Med and the very names are magical in their different ways. Cruising the Med opens up a world of history, a world of antiquity, of glamour and fashion, of endless summer days; the scent of hibiscus and bougainvillaea on the evening air, above all the light of the south that has drawn painters and artists for centuries, all these are what makes Med cruises what they are. Once the Med was the playground of the wealthy, now it's the world's playground. The food, the famous 'Med diet' of fruits and salads, olive oil and herbs, cheese and yogurt, fish and poultry, red meat and of course wine, all these speak of the good life. Here, in the cradle of civilisation, amid a myriad of cultures, you'll see some of the most beautiful ports, picturesque harbours, ancient ruins, and most famous historical sites to be found anywhere in the world.

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